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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my picnic?

Each picnic is 2-hours in length. 

What time should I arrive to my picnic?

We ask that you arrive on time and not early to allow us time to set up your picnic. 

What if I am running late?

If you are running later, please call us at (916) 317-7987. Please note the picnic duration is 2-hours and arriving late will cause your picnic to be shortened.

Can I leave early?

Please note that you are responsible for all supplies left for your picnic for the 2-hour duration of your picnic. If you need to leave early, please call us at (916) 317-7987 and we will arrive as soon as we can. However, please do not leave the picnic prior to our arrival. Again, please know that you are responsible for all supplies used for your picnic and in the event anything is damaged or missing, you will be charged.


Can I bring extra people to my picnic?

Your picnic will have complete table settings for the number of guests you request on your initial request form. To add additional guests, please call us at (916) 317-7987 no less than 7 days prior to your picnic reservation. We can not guarantee additional place settings for guests added after the 7-day grace period. 

Where will my picnic be?

Picnics can be at any park you choose within 20 miles of Natomas in Sacramento, CA. You can also choose to hold your picnic in a private residence. Please be sure to let us know your preference when filling out your request form.

My guests have children. What is the best location to hold a picnic for adults with children?

In our opinion and to allow the parents to enjoy their picnic, we suggest holding you picnic close to the play area at the park. This allows the children to play and we ensure the picnic is set up strategically, providing a clear line of sight for you to keep an eye on your little ones.

I paid my deposit but need to cancel. Can I get a refund of my deposit?

Unfortunately not. All deposits are non-refundable. Regardless of when the cancellation is requested. However, we will work with you to reschedule your picnic to a date within 30 days of your initial picnic date.

Something was broken/badly soiled at my picnic. Am I responsible for this item/these items?

Yes. Each picnic is created with rental items. Any items damaged or badly soiled beyond repair, will result in a $100 damage fee.

Do you provide food or can I bring my own food?

We do not include food items other than those trays that are listed in our add-ons option list. You are welcome to bring your own food to your picnic. 

Do you provide alcoholic beverages? I only see sparkling apple cider and water as a beverage option?

We do not offer alcoholic beverages. You are free to bring your own beverages with the understanding that you release Kristopher Renee from all liability. If you desire to bring alcoholic beverages, please let us know at the time of booking, as a release of liability form is required prior to booking confirmation. 

Terms & Conditions

By scheduling a Kristopher Renee Luxe Picnic, I understand the following:

  • I am renting picnic supplies and am fully responsible for all items for the 2-hour duration of my picnic reservation.

  • If, during my picnic reservation, an item is damaged or soiled beyond repair, I will be charged a $100 damage fee.

  • My picnic will accommodate the agreed upon guest count. Any additional guests arriving without previous agreement will not be accommodated.

  • I am required to stay for the 2-hour duration of my reservation. If I need to leave early, I must contact my event coordinator at (916) 905-0717 and wait for them to arrive prior to leaving. If I leave prior to their arrival, I am responsible and will be charged for all items damaged, soiled beyond repair or missing. 

  • At the time of booking, I am paying a 50% deposit to secure my picnic reservation and understand that the remaining amount is due 24 hours prior to the date of the picnic. Payment can be made at No cash will be excepted.

  • My picnic is 2-hours in duration. Late arrivals will decrease the amount of time I can enjoy my picnic and early arrivals will not be accommodated. 

  • Early arrival is highly discouraged to allow my picnic to be set up 1-hour prior to my start time. If I arrive early, I will either stay in my car or check out the scenery around my picnic but will not arrive to my picnic location until my reservation time. 

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